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During this time and for several long years, she endured bullying of which I did not take notice. I didn't notice her withdrawal nor her painful feelings. I didn't notice the beating drums, the growling cellos, nor the screeching violins' crescendo until it was the only thing I could hear. It was our wake-up call

Table Scraps

She never knows if she's getting chicken breast or pizza crust from my plate. She can't see what's on my plate, and she's happy to get anything I give her. Besides, I can't give her too much or she'll get sick, and I don't want to have to clean-up that mess.

From Away

Maine residents, or Mainahs, have this statewide idea that if you don't have several generations of Maine-living in your lineage, you are "from away". Fair enough. But now that I owned a house in Maine, I could then claim I was from Maine, right?

First Day on the Job

“A little past Montpelier, I saw the covered wagon on my left but I kept driving. My mind screamed at me to stop, still I kept driving. I had an interview to get to and I had a bit to go. My mind rationed more clearly the further I drove, "When's the last time you saw a covered wagon on the side of the road?"“

Common Sense

Your discontentment is in direct proportion to your refusal to live out your dreams of purpose. The life you want will then always be on the peripherals of your experience, just outside of your realization.

We’d run back through the quarterdeck taking all that sand with us back to our rooms. What fun we had. Meanwhile, my wife and daughters watched ‘locked and loaded’ armored vehicles roll by their bedroom windows a thousand miles away from me. They were also on a military base behind locked gates and doors.

Warning shots are no longer just across our bow. They are striking targets accurately and devastatingly. We must take complete responsibility for our perception and treatment of women. They cannot be ignored and they will not cease fire until we understand one all-encompassing truth. A truth that hasn't been as self-evident as we thought.