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Pott's Point

In West Harpswell at the end of Harpswell Neck is a sliver of land that becomes an island on most days. The road leading to it is called Hurricane Ridge. There’s not much blocking the wind around here. It is just as beautiful on a sunny day.

Ship Harbor Trail

Near Southwest Harbor, west of Acadia, is a place called Wonderland where there is a cove named Ship Harbor. It is east of Bass Harbor Lighthouse and at the end of a figure eight trail loop that starts right at a convenient parking lot trail head.

Indian Point, Georgetown, Maine

If you pay attention, you can find many barns covered with lobster buoys found on the rocky shoreline and beaches. The locals hang them up in hopes the rightful owner will claim their buoy. Each buoy is color-coded and numbered for the lobsterman to identify them and put them back into use.

Explosions would light up the night sky above the bright lights of the stadium. I would crawl through my window onto the gently-sloped roof ledge and feel the colored bursts at my level. They were in the distance but you could still hear the cheers.

First Day on the Job

“A little past Montpelier, I saw the covered wagon on my left but I kept driving. My mind screamed at me to stop, still I kept driving. I had an interview to get to and I had a bit to go. My mind rationed more clearly the further I drove, "When's the last time you saw a covered wagon on the side of the road?"“