All in Photographs


During this time and for several long years, she endured bullying of which I did not take notice. I didn't notice her withdrawal nor her painful feelings. I didn't notice the beating drums, the growling cellos, nor the screeching violins' crescendo until it was the only thing I could hear. It was our wake-up call

Let's Get it On

I just finished meditating, walked into the kitchen to make some coffee and saw two eagles fighting on my drive way. Two bald eagles locked in battle refusing to let go until I came out with a camera. Sorry for the shaky video. I was trying to watch it and take photos at the same time.

Blood at Their Feet

Rainbows often inch across the room, shining from the crystal hanging in the window. Today, a bright one moved across my chessboard. I moved quickly to set up the pieces before the clouds and trees extinguished the vibrant rainbow. It was my move and I was on the clock.