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From Away

Maine residents, or Mainahs, have this statewide idea that if you don't have several generations of Maine-living in your lineage, you are "from away". Fair enough. But now that I owned a house in Maine, I could then claim I was from Maine, right?

Explosions would light up the night sky above the bright lights of the stadium. I would crawl through my window onto the gently-sloped roof ledge and feel the colored bursts at my level. They were in the distance but you could still hear the cheers.

First Day on the Job

“A little past Montpelier, I saw the covered wagon on my left but I kept driving. My mind screamed at me to stop, still I kept driving. I had an interview to get to and I had a bit to go. My mind rationed more clearly the further I drove, "When's the last time you saw a covered wagon on the side of the road?"“