It is our duty to know what is occurring around the world and it's also our duty to not believe our media sources breathlessly feeding our fears. Exercise our right to leave their theater at commercial break if we know there's no real fire.

Let's Get it On

I just finished meditating, walked into the kitchen to make some coffee and saw two eagles fighting on my drive way. Two bald eagles locked in battle refusing to let go until I came out with a camera. Sorry for the shaky video. I was trying to watch it and take photos at the same time.

Trail Less Traveled

“There is no trail. The desert has no path. Or rather, there’s a trail here and there. You can walk…you can just walk around a mountain. Yeah, you can walk in circles. You think you’re walking in the right direction but sometimes you walk in circles.” - Vermont Dairy Farmer

Explosions would light up the night sky above the bright lights of the stadium. I would crawl through my window onto the gently-sloped roof ledge and feel the colored bursts at my level. They were in the distance but you could still hear the cheers.

Blood at Their Feet

Rainbows often inch across the room, shining from the crystal hanging in the window. Today, a bright one moved across my chessboard. I moved quickly to set up the pieces before the clouds and trees extinguished the vibrant rainbow. It was my move and I was on the clock.

First Day on the Job

“A little past Montpelier, I saw the covered wagon on my left but I kept driving. My mind screamed at me to stop, still I kept driving. I had an interview to get to and I had a bit to go. My mind rationed more clearly the further I drove, "When's the last time you saw a covered wagon on the side of the road?"“

Common Sense

Your discontentment is in direct proportion to your refusal to live out your dreams of purpose. The life you want will then always be on the peripherals of your experience, just outside of your realization.

We’d run back through the quarterdeck taking all that sand with us back to our rooms. What fun we had. Meanwhile, my wife and daughters watched ‘locked and loaded’ armored vehicles roll by their bedroom windows a thousand miles away from me. They were also on a military base behind locked gates and doors.