For a few years now, I’ve learned to sit down, shut up and listen. I do that for a bit, then I write.

Dear Men

Dear Men,
We've got a problem. We're being told, yet again, that our harmful actions and behaviors are not acceptable. It's never been acceptable, but women have been too afraid to speak without fear of retribution. One woman standing up alone is ignored, then accused, vilified, and even destroyed. All women rising together and telling us collectively that we've hurt them and that we continue to cause harm is our call in the middle of the night. Wake up, man. They've been ignored and surpressed for far too long. Warning shots are no longer just across our bow. They are striking targets accurately and devastatingly. We must take complete responsibility for our perception and treatment of women. They cannot be ignored and they will not cease fire until we understand one all-encompassing truth. A truth that hasn't been as self-evident as we thought. All men and women are created equal. We should probably write that down somewhere. Let's start there. When we will truly believe this and stop believing that women are weak and should be submissive, we can truly move forward as human beings. Religious leaders, stop teaching that wives should submit to their husbands. It's not true. When boys are taught that, it puts girls at an immediate and lasting unfair disadvantage. Stop it. Women are just as smart, capable, and responsible as men. We already know this. They don't need our help, our grooming, nor our explanation. Show we know in our actions. Fathers, our daughters need our love, not our discipline. Love works better. They especially don't need our old conditioned beliefs forced upon us by convinced cowards. Brothers, be a man, Love. Sisters, we need your courage right now, not your fear. We are one. When one of us hurts, we all do. It's true. We can all heal.

We Will.

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We're All Connected

We're All Connected