For a few years now, I’ve learned to sit down, shut up and listen. I do that for a bit, then I write.

Ride Home

Do you remember riding in the backseat of your parent's car watching the headlights on the opposite side of the highway? And did you find it easy to drift off to sleep because you trusted their driving? You knew you were going to make it home safely because you always did. Think of that feeling right now. That feeling of no worries as you peacefully drifted off to sleep. It's a feeling of peace and serenity because there is nothing to worry about. The next thing you knew, you were home. You were safe.

This feeling of safety and peace is how you're supposed feel all the time, wide-awake and not just as a passenger in a loved one's car. You can learn to become conscious of your every thought, so when thoughts of fear come into your awareness, instead of slipping into the downward spiral of fearful thoughts leading to rage and self-loathing, you can observe your thoughts and understand your feelings, then learn to face them with curiosity and courage. You can take a forward-leaning stance on conquering your fears by simply agreeing to consider their source and validity. Figuring out which fears go with which material manifestation for particular areas of your life is the challenging part. Fears go back far and deep into your psyche and your power to disguise them as defense mechanisms, built to keep you alive but which ultimately keep you from fully living, is one of your many super powers.

Moments of despair and judgment become notices for change. Positive change. You will come to welcome those thoughts of fear when the shadow brings the chill, because you know there will soon be one less fear to fear. You will meet each fear with an open mind and open eyes. Awareness is key because signs are all around you vying for your attention, if you will just notice them. Take the signs however you want them, gentle or jarring, friendly or aggressively. Think of them as signs sent by you. An inside joke with hidden meaning on every edge and crevice if you will first recognize it.

When you begin to expect signs and intuitively follow them to the next step, Zelda-like in your progression, you'll recognize when observable push-back from the Universe means you are getting off track. You will quickly regain your awareness, measured in minutes instead of weeks or months, and see where your fears and thoughts of unworthiness are shifting the balance of your attitude. Your fears and judgments of yourself are reflected back to you through like-minded others also believing their fears and judgments of themselves. You fulfill their fears. A steadfast belief in your judgments of others is really a mirror reflection of your judgment of yourself misunderstanding your own incredible power. Our incredible power.

Masters throughout history have shared this awareness and taught of a oneness that when attained, a belief in our duality becomes impossible to defend. Your Atonement comes with certainty of a universal equanimity which makes lack and illness in others equally impossible to perceive. You see whole healthy beings instead of sick and tired bodies. Your whole recognition of yourself and others as progressively divine beings, unaware of the cloak of fear tarnishing our brilliance but never truly diminishing our true presence, is what compels you even quicker to an existence where we all recognize each other's innate divinity. They are a mirror of you.

The stronger your perception of their light is, the more your thoughts and emotions of love and acceptance will complement both lights and increase your awareness of the immediately corresponding manifestations of your conceived and then perceived reality. You bend time. Whole faith and infinite patience hastens the effects. Miracles are observed here. You will expect them and so will others.

So when your thoughts of fear overcome you as you look without seeing in the darkness, with chills and jolts startling you into reflexive pain avoidance thoughts and emotions, stop and look around. Notice the sounds, any sound, and bring your awareness back to Now. Now is the only time you get to remember that fear, like darkness, is not real but only a mistaken perception of Love and Light. You will know there's nothing to fear because you and God are one. Have faith and patience and you will know peace and joy. This is the moment where you regain a peaceful, easy feeling you will remember like a comfortable ride home.

Dear Mr. President,

Dear Men