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America's Disease

Our legal subjugation of our neighbors to the South is the source of our country's cancer. If you believe that "Karma is a bitch", "What goes around, comes around" or in "God's Retribution", look no further than the Fair Labor Standards Act of 1938.

Trail Less Traveled

“There is no trail. The desert has no path. Or rather, there’s a trail here and there. You can walk…you can just walk around a mountain. Yeah, you can walk in circles. You think you’re walking in the right direction but sometimes you walk in circles.” - Vermont Dairy Farmer

First Day on the Job

“A little past Montpelier, I saw the covered wagon on my left but I kept driving. My mind screamed at me to stop, still I kept driving. I had an interview to get to and I had a bit to go. My mind rationed more clearly the further I drove, "When's the last time you saw a covered wagon on the side of the road?"“