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Does This Smell Bad to You?

Does This Smell Bad to You?

Yesterday, reporter Ken Picard of Seven Days in Vermont, reported that Vermont State workers can bring their infants to work today.

“Gov. Phil Scott, Vermont Secretary of Administration Susanne Young and Human Resources Commissioner Beth Fastiggi announced a new Infants in the Workplace program for state employees. The policy, which takes effect on February 1, will allow state workers to bring their infant children, ages 6 weeks to 6 months, to work.”

Sounds great. Are there any benefits to bringing infants to work, Ken?

“Similar policies elsewhere led to increased employee retention and better morale, Young said in the announcement. For sure, bringing the kiddos to work is certainly a more affordable daycare option for many cash-strapped civil servants — who could face plenty of trouble finding childcare in Vermont anyway. And, nothing increases office teamwork like a stinky diaper in dire need of rapid disposal.”

“Also, said civil servant cannot bring their infant into a work environment that would pose a direct threat to the child's safety or wellbeing. So, don't expect any state troopers or plow drivers to be radioing in an "urgent code brown" from Interstate 89.”

Ha ha for sure, Ken. Since you had difficulty finding non-stock photos of a Vermont worker with their baby at work, here you go.

Go check out the Golden Cage Project at http://goldencageproject.org

“Supervisors must allow lactating mothers the time and a private place to nurse or pump milk. And "the infant shall be located primarily at the parent's workstation" — i.e., not left in a break room, stairwell or raced against other infants up and down the corridors of the National Life building.”

Does this smell bad to you, Ken?

It gets worse, man. It’s an Urgent Code Brown. Keep digging.

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Urgent Code Brown

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